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Pete Estabrook Acoustic Jazz Trio Band Member Biographies

"One of the Bay Area's Top Acts"-Sonoma County Fair Voice

Pete Estabrook
(Trumpet, Arranger and Musical Director)

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Ken Lenga
(Acoustic Bass)

Ken Lenga

Ken Lenga is a graduate of Stanford University, where he performed in the Jazz Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra. He has studied with Bay Area jazz bassists Seward McCain and Glenn Richman, and with Steve Tramontozzi of the S.F. Symphony. He has performed in the area with the Brad Niven Trio, singer Lisa E., the Gerry Grosz Trio, Peter Grey, the improvisational duo "The Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers", and in various ensembles under his own name.

Niels Myrner

Niels Myrner

A San Francisco native, Niels Myrner studied with previous long-time Berklee educator Allan Hall, in the lineage of renowned educator Allan Dawson--teacher of Tony Williams, Jeff Watts, etc. Aside from a two-year period during which he resided at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center and the San Francisco Zen Center, Niels has been performing for 17 years. He has worked with numerous ensembles in the United States and Scandinavia, performing in a wide range of musical genres, collaborating with dancers, vocalists, spoken word and visual artists. Niels has performed/recorded with Mel Graves, David Hardiman Jr., Bill Fiege, Adam Lane, Miles Boysen, Darren Johnston, Loren Dempster, Yehudit, Tom Swafford, James Livingston, Robin Lewis, Jim Petersen, Annelise Zimula, Pete Estabrook, David Slusser, Gary Flores, Gerry Grosz and as house drummer at the Church of John Coltrane. He has studied with George Marsh at Sonoma State University and is currently studying privately with Alan Dawson at the Berkley Jazz School..