Pete Estabrook Jazz Group Cover Letter


Enclosed are promotional materials for the Pete Estabrook Acoustic Jazz Trio. We sincerely hope you will take the time to review these materials and contact me at your earliest convenience. There are several unique points concerning the group that we would like to call to your attention.

First, as our name implies, we are an acoustic group. As such, we do not use amplification or electric instruments. We play without the use of a piano or guitar. This allows us more harmonic freedom and greater volume control. We rely on the natural sounds of the trumpet, acoustic bass, and drums. This allows us to play at a musically sensitive volume level.

Second, we specialize in music from the Blue-Note era (1955-1965). Each performance is a tribute to one of the jazz masters from that period. This includes the music of Horace Silver, Donald Byrd, Jackie Mclean, Lee Morgan, Hank Mobley, Kenny Dorham, etc. This music has been transcribed by Pete Estabrook and specifically arranged for this "chord-less" trio. You can rest assured that you will never hear the same tune twice when you see our group perform. While you may have never heard the tunes before, they will most certainly bear a striking similarity to something you have heard. In other words, this group plays music that grooves and is very listenable.

Third, one of the most essential factors of the music from this era is that it includes a wide variety of tune types. Each set is carefully planned to include: funky, latin, ballad (slow), swing, and up-tempo tunes. Because each set includes this variety and balance, we are able to insure an appeal to a wide variety of listeners. The Blue-Note record label was and is the most popular and best selling record label. We follow that model for success closely. Please note that the enclosed demo is an accurate representation of the variety of music heard during a typical set we might perform. If you wish, we can provide you with a live recording of the group as well.

Fourth, We are highly trained artists, not part-time hobbyists, weekend warriors, comeback players or student trainees. As such, we are all deeply involved in playing and teaching music. We practice countless hours individually and rehearse when preparing for a gig. You may wish to review our personal resume summaries by visiting our web site or looking at our brochure. As a bandleader, you can rest assured that this group is composed of some of the finest musicians in the San Francisco North-Bay Area. I think you will find our broad range of experience and education an asset when it comes to our overall musical presentation. This is a high-class group with a new standard of professionalism on and off the bandstand that is not often encountered in the music business.

If you are interested in quality jazz and professionalism, we want you to know that we are available and interested in performing for you. I am sure our exceptional jazz group would be an asset to your well-known establishment. I hope to hear from you soon.

Pete Estabrook

"One of the Bay Area's Top Acts"-Sonoma County Fair Voice